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It’s Fire Pit Time!

It’s Fire Pit time in Austin, Tx!

Outdoor Fireplace in Austin, Tx
With the weather starting to cool down, it is getting into prime fire pit season. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can really transform your yard and provide a warm, welcoming gathering place for friends & family. From the warmth it puts off to the crackling of burning wood, take advantage of our weather here in Austin, Tx and let us build you a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace today!

The most popular materials to use on your fire pit or outdoor fireplace are:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Concrete

Call us today at (512) 228-4833 and let us heat up your back yard!

Save Time and Reduce Your Water Bill

Having a yard full of grass can look good, but the constant mowing and high water bills can be a little taxing. Add some style to your yard with hardscapes and enjoy a lower water bill and some new found time!

Whether its adding a walkway made of a natural stone like Flagstone, Limestone or Bluestone, or simply adding some stones or gravel in place of grass, adding some hardscape can really transform the look of your yard.

Add a retaining wall, a new planter bed, or a combination of the two for some style, height variation or just for a pop of color in your yard.

photo-4 photo-6

Hate Maintaining That Sideyard?

You know that useless piece of yard you have next to your house that always gets neglected? Instead of wasting water on it, try something like:
[fancy_list style=”check_list” variation=”mossgreen”]

  • Hardscapes
  • Walking Path
  • Planter Boxes
  • Drought Resistant Plants
[/fancy_list] Here’s a before and after of a yard we recently did:
Side Yard Before Hardscape Side Yard After Hardscape
They went with a path on the other side of the yard and some hardscape:

Side Yard Before Concrete Walkway and Hardscape Side Yard After Concrete Walkway and Hardscape

Contact us today and let us help you save water and dress your yard up with some landscape design & construction