Moving into a new home? Designing a custom home? Or maybe your yard is just in desperate need of a remodel. There are 3 common mistakes we see homeowners make when planning their landscape design on their own – not considering your climate, drainage/irrigation, and maintenance requirements. In central Texas especially, it’s important to think about the landscape you’re working with and our climate. While it’s temperate and moderate most of the year, we’re still susceptible to rapidly changing weather systems. To save you time, money, and frustration let’s get into it.

Here are the three most common mistakes to avoid when designing and installing your new outdoor landscape plan:

  1. Not considering the local climate and environment: Central Texas has a unique climate, with hot and dry summers and mild winters. When planning your outdoor landscape, it’s essential to choose plants and materials that can withstand the local climate and soil conditions. Consider native plants that are adapted to the area and require less water, as well as durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and occasional drought.

2. Overlooking drainage and irrigation: Central Texas is known for occasional heavy rainstorms that can cause flooding and erosion. When designing your outdoor landscape, it’s crucial to ensure proper drainage and irrigation to prevent water damage and promote healthy plant growth. Work with a professional landscaper or engineer to design a system that meets your specific needs and ensures proper water management.

3. Neglecting maintenance and upkeep: A new outdoor landscape requires ongoing maintenance and upkeep to thrive. Plan for regular watering, fertilization, pruning, and pest control, and factor in the time and resources needed to maintain your landscape. Consider hiring a professional landscaper to help with regular maintenance and upkeep or to provide guidance on how to care for your outdoor space properly.

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Create a Beautiful AND Functional Outdoor Space

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor landscape that enhances the beauty and value of your new custom home in Central Texas.

Here are three ways to make maintenance and upkeep easier when planning a new landscape design in Central Texas:

Choose Low Maintenance Plants

Choose low-maintenance plants: When selecting plants for your landscape, choose varieties that are well-suited to the Central Texas climate and require minimal maintenance. Native plants are an excellent choice, as they are adapted to the local conditions and generally require less watering and fertilizer. You can also consider succulents, cacti, and other drought-tolerant plants that require very little water.


Choose a Smart Irrigation System

In Central Texas, regular watering is essential for maintaining a healthy landscape. However, manually watering your plants can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Installing an automated irrigation system can make the process much easier, ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of water at the right time. You can also set the system to adjust watering frequency based on weather conditions, which can save water and reduce your overall water bill.

Design for Accessibility

When designing your landscape, consider how you will access different areas for maintenance and upkeep. For example, if you have a large lawn, consider installing a sprinkler system with pop-up heads that can be easily adjusted or replaced as needed. If you have raised garden beds, make sure they are wide enough to allow you to reach all areas for planting and maintenance. If you have drainage issues and water pools to create muddy areas, they’re no longer functional spaces. By designing your landscape with accessibility in mind, you can make maintenance and upkeep easier and more efficient.

backyard landscape design with zen garden elements, pergola, and outdoor sculpture
Side yard and back yard landscape design with gravel path and natural stone stepping stones with green plants along both sides along rock wall of backyard in central texas home

By incorporating these strategies into your landscape design, you can make maintenance and upkeep easier and more efficient, freeing up more time to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space in Central Texas.


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