Urban Landscape Designs for Modern Homes

Urban Spaces

Modern and contemporary homes are both known for clean, architecutral lines and an open-space feel. It is often the case however, that modern designs (as in mid-century modern) often have more wood elements and contemporary designs have more stone and steel. The end result for both is a minimalist, clean look that both charms and calms the senses with a touch of class and order.

One myth regarding modern landscape designs is that you will have to sacrifice functionality for minimalism. We’re going to show you how you can incorporate both so you can enjoy an outdoor space with all of your choice amenities and a clean landscape design that complements your modern home.

Beautifully Blended

Modern and contemporary homes are commonly being outfitted with more indoor to outdoor living installations. In the picture of above we were able to create a seamless backyard design with

  • A fluid indoor to outdoor transition
  • An artful blend of wood, stone and steel elements
  • Clean lines and modern elements
  • A contemporary feel
  • A pop of color
  • And gorgeous 360° views!

The end result is a contemporary landscape design that perfectly complements and completes the overall look and feel of the home.

Look closely and you'll find that this backyard is also not suffering from a lack of functionality that would render the space overlooked and under-utilized. In fact it is fully equipped with

  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A zero-entry pool
  • Paths and walk-ways
  • Benches and plant beds
  • An almost indistinguishable outdoor shower
  • And outdoor lighting!

Whether you want a calming place to relax or an inviting space to entertain, this backyard has it all!

Make the Hard to Reach Easy to Maintain

If you're the kind of person that wants to finish your lawn maintenance with a few turns of a push-mower, be sure to make the hard to reach spots easy to maintain.

You can do this by including hardscapes like stone patios and paths or rock beds with select accent plants. Be sure to consider your plants spacial requirements for future growth and use different sizes and shapes to create depth and focal points.



To capture the aesthetic of your home or create a modern outdoor design, you don't have to abide by strict guidlelines or a uniform style. While contemporary designs are known for their monochromatic tones, a pop of color or the warmth of wood can be a welcome addition. Additionally, you can have a functional outdoor space that meets your minimalist goals. Your vision can be a reality with a little planning, some creative design and a trusted team of experts.


Luxury Landscape Designs for Small Spaces

Tiered backyard with modern landscape design looking at pool view.

Creating a luxurious landscape design is possible regardless of the size or shape of your yard. By incorporating a few well-advised elements, your outdoor space will be an inviting getaway your family and friends will love.

  1. Create A View

Here, a clean pool design gives this backyard a luxurious, modern feel.

Best of Texas Landscapes poolside backyard renovation
  1. Create Small Backyard Zones

With a tiered lawn, each area acts as its own zone. Different plant groupings and raised beds divide the upper yard from the lower yard.

Luxury landscape designs for modern backyards
  1. Make it Cozy

Specific zones help to break up the yard and create an intimacy that’s cozy and inviting for a perfect escape to read or relax.

  1. Use the Power of Perspective

Long straight lines trick you into thinking a small yard is bigger than it is. Use this to your advantage. Even a fence will do this job for you and enhance the overall design of the area.

Best of Texas Landscapes backyard design and installation
  1. Boost Interest & Mix It Up

The mixture of materials, hardscapes and plants help add interest to a small backyard, pulling the focus from the size to the details.

  1. Create Small-Space Features

Make a unique space that helps add to the illusion of a larger space with something creative like a vertical feature or climbing vines.

  1. Raise Planting Beds

Add a sense of height and depth to a small space with raised beds for planting. Short retaining walls of steel, stone or other hardscapes help keep the eye moving up.

Best of Texas Landscapes backyard renovation in Travis Heights

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Image of a gated entry with landscaping and a rock wall with the words "Landscaping Street Entries" over-layed on image.

Landscaping a Gated Entry or Driveway

When guests arrive at your property, there are a few things they notice right away. This is your opportunity to welcome your visitors and set the stage for what’s to come.

A welcoming entryway doesn’t start at your front door. Your driveway is possibly their first impression, so use it as an opportunity to frame the experience for your visitors. If you really want to make a statement, go with a gated entry.

As the portal to your home, your entry or driveway should draw guests seamlessly from the curb to the front door.

Lush greenery and maintained flowers could suggest a country retreat, where stark stonework and geometric hedges suggest a more modern approach. Choose elements that align with the aesthetics of your home, without clashing with the surrounding landscape.

Here are 4 tips for creating a wow-worthy entry to your home.

Contrast and Complement
Color, texture and balance are important aspects to consider in your landscape design. Use a color wheel to find a few choice colors you may like to incorporate and which colors best complement your primary options.
Height and Depth
Add depth by creating focal points between the street and the house. A natural rock wall also makes a beautiful backdrop. Unlike a front porch entry, where you may be inclined to go with more-is-better, the street entry can be a dynamic part of your overall design with a few, properly positioned, choice elements.
Low Maintenance
Low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plants are a great way to go in the Central Texas area. During the summer especially, if you don’t have irrigation installed along the street, you’ll want indigenous plants that are known for living through the toughest temperatures.
Lighting & Safety
To keep your landscape safer from cars and possible “plant pickers” use lighting around the edges or for specific focal points. If you have security cameras, especially at a gated entry where your car has to stop, using a camera-floodlight combo is a proven deterrent for burglars.
Set the stage for your guests from the very beginning and enhance the beauty and security of your home in the process.
Not sure which plants are indigenous to Texas? Check out this list of native, drought-resistant plants in Central Texas.

Need more design inspiration? We found a great Pinterest board with tons of ideas!

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Landscaping with Natural Rock

Rocks are a natural hardscape that you can use for a variety of landscape solutions from decor to paths and retaining walls.

From small stones to large boulders, the central Texas area is full of rock. If you live west of I-35, especially in the Leander or Lago Vista areas, chances are good there’s a lot of rock on your property.

Here are 5 ways to take advantage of the rock you already have, or how to incorporate natural rocks into your landscape for a more native design.

1. Use large boulders and rocks to make a change in elevation more fluid or to break up a larger space.

Best of Texas Landscapes - Austin, Tx Landscaping, Sprinkler Systems, and more
Natural rock retaining wall designed by Best of Texas Landscapes.
Natural rock landscaping designed by Best of Texas Landscapes.

2. River rocks are ideal for creating drain beds for water runoff while adding to your home’s curb appeal.

3. Use a mixture of rocks and flower beds to spice up your look with added texture and height variances.

Flower beds and retaining walls designed by Best of Texas Landscapes.
Landscape Design
Flower beds and borders designed by Best of Texas Landscapes.

4.  Use a combination of rocks to create a harmonious xeriscape for an easy maintenance solution.

Best of Texas Landscapes - Austin, Tx Landscaping, Sprinkler Systems, and more
Paths and walkways of gravel and stone designed by Best of Texas Landscapes.
natural stone walkway with gravel and rock and plant accents
Paths and walkways of gravel and stone designed by Best of Texas Landscapes.

5. Use large flat rocks to create a gorgeous staircase or walkway.

Stone Pathway in Grass
Paths and walkways of gravel and stone designed by Best of Texas Landscapes.

From large rural spaces to smaller urban areas, natural rock hardscapes are a popular look that can be used for functional and decorative solutions.

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Header image of backyard landscape design

Luxury Landscapes of Georgetown, Texas

Header image of backyard landscape design

Made for Rest and Relaxation

Georgetown, Texas is nestled in the Texas Hill Country alongside the San Gabriel River and Lake Georgetown. It also happens to be one of Austin’s fastest growing suburbs.

While Georgetown’s thriving retirement communities, like Sun City, have influenced its recent growth, it is attracting more up and coming neighborhoods and golf communities like Cimarron Hills.

Even with all the amenities of living in the city nearby, there are plenty of places to slow down and enjoy the scenery. You can stroll the grounds of the Town Square Historic District or Southwestern University—Texas’ oldest university. Take a dip in the Blue Hole or explore the 27-mile Good Water Trail around Lake Georgetown.

image of one street of the Town Historic Square in Georgetown, TX
Photo: Texashillcountry.com

Creeks and streams are common, stemming from the north and south forks of the San Gabriel River. Combined with the temperate climate of central Texas, homeowners enjoy lush landscapes almost year-round.

It’s no wonder outdoor living spaces made for comfort and relaxation are trending commodities in the area.

What does an outdoor living space made for R&R look like?

#1 Make it maintenance light.

If you’re designing a front or backyard to relax in, you probably don’t want to be constantly reminded of all the weed-eating that hasn’t been done, or watering that one patch of grass that just won’t take.

  • Tell your landscape designer you need something that’s easy to maintain. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to skimp on looks. Try incorporating indigenous plants, hardscapes and other outdoor elements like water features.
  • Choose a sprinkler system that makes it easy to set it and forget it! Modern systems (like our Rain Bird and Hunter products) can give you full control of water usage so you can water more in sunny areas and less in shaded ones.

#2 Weather proof it.

Make sure your outdoor space can be enjoyed no matter the weather! Aside from the random storm and the rare freeze warning, this will ensure you can enjoy your investment nearly every day.

  • Build a shade to create cover from the sun and rain. You probably don’t want to sit in the rain, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a cool spring shower, rocking under the protection of a canopy or awning.
  • Stay cozy by the fire. While a shade will protect you from the harsh summer sun, including a firepit or outdoor fireplace will help you stay comfortable outside through our coldest months.
Covered rock patio with fire pit

#3 Build a patio and walkway.

Have you ever noticed a tendency to only stay on the porch or hard surfaces of your yard? It’s a common inclination as we seek level land for balance and prefer ground that doesn’t leave our shoes a muddy mess.

  • Permanent ground cover could be in the form of a patio or porch, using cement, rock or wood. This is the best area to consider when planning your outdoor seating needs and furniture options.
  • More transient surfaces like large stones, pavers and pebbles or gravel can be used for paths and walkways to combine complementing elements and add more appeal to your overall design.
natural stone walkway with gravel and rock and plant accents

#4 Light up the night!

The perfect combination of outdoor lighting, accent and/or security lights can help create the ideal ambiance you’ll need to go from blah to bliss.

  • To truly make your outdoor space an extension of your home, shed some light on the subject! Enjoy more engaging conversation, and light to read or play games by.
  • Create eye-catching focal points with security and accent lighting to feel more at ease and aesthetically pleased!

At this point, you might be thinking, that all sounds great, but also like a lot of work…and I want to relax! Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. One of the great benefits of hiring a design-build firm for your outdoor renovation is that we handle it all.

Our team of proven professionals is the easy-button solution to creating your new landscape and a yard you’ll love. We design it, build it, and install it – from foliage to masonry to sprinkler systems! Learn more about the advantages of hiring a design-build landscape firm here.

Are you a new or soon-to-be homeowner in the Georgetown area? Here are a few links you might find useful!

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