Luxury Landscape Designs for Small Spaces

Posted on 06/18/19 by Tera Stubblefield
Tiered backyard with modern landscape design looking at pool view.

Creating a luxurious landscape design is possible regardless of the size or shape of your yard. By incorporating a few well-advised elements, your outdoor space will be an inviting getaway your family and friends will love.

  1. Create A View

Here, a clean pool design gives this backyard a luxurious, modern feel.

Best of Texas Landscapes poolside backyard renovation
  1. Create Small Backyard Zones

With a tiered lawn, each area acts as its own zone. Different plant groupings and raised beds divide the upper yard from the lower yard.

Luxury landscape designs for modern backyards
  1. Make it Cozy

Specific zones help to break up the yard and create an intimacy that’s cozy and inviting for a perfect escape to read or relax.

  1. Use the Power of Perspective

Long straight lines trick you into thinking a small yard is bigger than it is. Use this to your advantage. Even a fence will do this job for you and enhance the overall design of the area.

Best of Texas Landscapes backyard design and installation
  1. Boost Interest & Mix It Up

The mixture of materials, hardscapes and plants help add interest to a small backyard, pulling the focus from the size to the details.

  1. Create Small-Space Features

Make a unique space that helps add to the illusion of a larger space with something creative like a vertical feature or climbing vines.

  1. Raise Planting Beds

Add a sense of height and depth to a small space with raised beds for planting. Short retaining walls of steel, stone or other hardscapes help keep the eye moving up.

Best of Texas Landscapes backyard renovation in Travis Heights

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