It’s finally Fall in Texas! Don’t believe it? Just drive down a suburban neighborhood with the windows rolled down and breathe in the pumpkin spice. With that said, it’s also that time of year when we can let the kid in us come out to play. Yes, we’re talking about Halloween decorations!

This year, we’re putting a little Texas twist on some of our favorite outdoor Halloween decorations we found for your yard!

Go big or go home!

You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas ⎯ including the spiders! Here are some of the biggest most outrageous outdoor Halloween decorations the internet has to offer.


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On that note…

How about all the pumpkins? Thanks.

Cowboy up.

Take it back to our roots with a few cowboys spinning tales by the fire.

Something for the Littles

If you need to tone it down a notch for the little gremlins in your life, put a Texas spin on an outdoor sign like this. #supercutey’all

Add some Southern Charm

It’s like the Halloween version of ‘Bless Your Heart.’ Ain’t that just the sweetest thing?