3-Simple Steps to Your New Landscape

Step 1
Meet with our award-winning landscape designer (Free consultation - project budgets start at $15,000)
Step 2
Order your custom digitally-rendered landscape design. ($495 design fee - goes toward costs for installation)
Step 3
Hire our crews to develop your entire landscape design plan: irrigation, plant installation, construction, and masonry.

See an Example of Our Design Plans

Beautiful & Functional Landscape Designs

Get started with a complimentary design consultation to find out how your custom landscape design can transform your property.

Extend your home's living space outside
Watch your property value increase
Award-winning Landscape Designers
Certified and insured landscapers
Expert masons and wood craftsmen

Landscape designers are the architects of your outdoor space.

We know how to best compliment the natural elements of your property with a style that reflects you and your home.

Whether you have a small or large space, prefer a modern or traditional style, our team starts with a plan crafted by a professional landscape designer.


We create designs for clients with a range of install budgets, starting at $15,000 and upwards of $100,000. When we first begin to explore your project, we will ask what your all-in-one budget is for this project so your designer can create your plan with that in mind. There are always variables, like the plant size or materials you choose, that can bring down or increase your costs. Your all-in-one budget gives us a better idea of what elements and features you can include.



After your complimentary consultation with our landscape designer, you can order a Landscape Design for $495 (which goes toward construction costs when you hire Best of Texas to complete your project). In order for our crews to begin work, they have to have a plan of action. This gives the construction manager and crews a physical plan to follow, details the sizing of the property, new beds, patios, turf areas, and allows for correct plant and material quantities. Above all, it provides clarity to both you and our team so we know what's going to be installed prior to any work beginning.

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