How Much Weed & Feed for My Lawn?

A healthy lawn requires adequate watering on a regular basis as well as weed and feed or fertilizer. You can buy a spreader from your local home improvement store and the options for weed and feed or fertilizer are endless and depend on what type of grass you have. Once you buy your spreader and the right food for your lawn, how do you know what setting to put the spreader on?

We found a pretty neat tool over on the Scotts website that really makes it simple!

Step 1: Follow this link: Scotts Spreader Settings
Step 2: Accept their terms
Step 3: Select your spreader model from the dropdown
Step 4: Enter the 12 digit barcode from your lawn feed bag (it doesn’t even have to be Scott’s brand!)
Step 5: Click the Find My Settings button

That’s all there is to it!

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