Check for Proper Sprinkler Coverage

Poor sprinkler coverage will lead to wasted water. Checking your sprinkler system for proper coverage is an easy and important process. Simply cycle through each individual zone, look for areas that need adjusting, and make all necessary adjustments to improve the coverage.

Using the set screw on the top of the rotor will allow for each rotor to be adjusted from less than 90 degrees to almost 360 degrees. Adjusting the screw downward will result in a shorter distance, while adjusting the screw upward will result in a further distance. Each spray head can be easily adjusted by turning the shaft of the head, while in the up position, in the direction needed.

You will also want to be sure to check for clogged nozzles as well. The set screw in the top of the nozzle on the spray head can be adjusted in a similar way as the rotor.

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